Induction Cookers

Split Magnetic Geysers

The conservation of energy begins at your own front door
proudly South Africa Induction direct sells induction cookers induction geysers

Induction Direct

 We manufacture, import and sell Induction Cookers and Induction Geysers

Breakthrough technology the most efficient cooking and heating systems available in South Africa that save you money

IH GTA 12 induction cooker

Split Magnetic Geysers

30 L Harver induction geyser

Harver Split Magnetic Inducton Geysers

Please note we are not offering these geysers for sale at the moment

whistling kettles from Inducton Direct Durban

Industrial induction cookers

IH MH 2 Industrial induction Hot plate

Designed and manufactured in Durban South Africa

IH Model MH 2 Industrial Induction Hot Plate
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